Friday, February 3, 2012

Today's events

Today, I would have to say that PE was the best class of the day by far. We got to play dodgeball. Dodgeball has to be the only thing that i look forward to towards the end of the week. It is the most fun thing to do in PE, besides playing longball. Other than that i don't think there was anything else that was fun today. I was pretty good in all my classes, I didn't fall asleep like i normally do. But other than that, my day has been nothing short of amazing.

Friday, January 27, 2012

This Week In School

Well this week in school, we have had many things going on. We all have had some homework to do for Mrs. Rodriguez, but mainly my week I spent being sick. I was the worst on monday when I had a high tempurature, and was throwing up. I hate being sick so much. I'm sure that most people don't like to be sick. I don't like it because I miss so much homework. Over all my week has been blah. I have been sicker than I have ever been. It was awful :(. Thanks have a great and wonderful weekend.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sports Today

Todays sports are getting more and more violent. There are many fights going on in college basketball and NBA basketball. In hockey, the fights are getting more and more brural. They are clearing the benches when they get into fights. In baseball there aren't many fights going on with the players, but between the coaches and the umpires there are tons. They argue about stupid calls and they need to stop. The coaches are getting kicked out of the games, suspended from the games (2-3games normally), and they are getting fired more. Todays sports are getting more dangerous as we watch them.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Baseball. That is all that is needed for me to say. Everbody knows what baseball is, and if you don't get out from under your rock. Baseball is the best sport in the world. I have played it since i was old enough to throw the ball. I have played a total of 13 years out of my life. Baseball is America's pasttime. It first started out as stickball. Kids would go in the middle of the street and hit balls with a broom handle, until they broke a window. Baseball has turned into a dangerous sport with aluminum bats, metal cleats, and harder baseballs. I know this because i was playing third base and a kid slid into my leg with me cleats, it hurt, bad. This is all i have to say about baseball for now. Bye

Friday, January 6, 2012